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12 New Technology To Prevent Cyber Attacks

New Technology To Prevent Cyber Attacks
New Technology To Prevent Cyber Attacks by maxmanroe

New Technology To Prevent Cyber Attacks | Cyber attack is a criminal act carried out by perpetrators in cyberspace by using internet intermediaries to hack or damage computer systems or computer networks with certain purposes.

The main purpose of cyber attacks is usually to steal important data from a computer database. In addition to stealing data, cyber attacks are also usually done only to hack and damage a computer network or a website so that the network or website becomes damaged.

Latest Advancements In Cyber Security

In this article, we will discuss the latest technological findings in the computer world that were created to prevent cyber attacks, including:

1. AI or Artificial Intelligence Technology

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a computer-based program that allows a computer to think and act like a human. An AI is usually programmed according to the need or field in which it will be used.

Artificial Intelligence has the programmed ability to answer and perform certain tasks and functions in various fields. The presence of AI makes the birth of various ease of completing various tasks and functions that are heavy and long if done by humans.

For the prevention of cyber attacks, AI is often used to create certain programs that function to prevent cyber attacks.

2. Machine Learning Technology

Machine Learning is actually part or derivative of Artificial Intelligence whose main task and function is to build an intelligent computer system with the use of statistics and programmable databases, which makes it have the ability to perform certain action patterns and even make decisions.

When dealing with cyber attacks, this technology will create an automatic response to prevent the entry of cyber attacks by using various programs that have previously been prepared in memory.*

3. Internet of Things Technology

The Internet of Things is a technological achievement target characterized by the use of internet technology in various areas of life, including in various forms of goods and services. This technology targets internet usage from various small products such as watches, to large products such as vehicles.

The use of Internet of Things technology to prevent cyber attacks is done by creating various computer programs specifically to prevent cyber attacks.

4. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a high-level computer security system that is made so complex that it is very impossible to be penetrated by cyber attacks. This technology works by creating a data center spread over multiple database systems, making it very difficult to penetrate.

5. Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud Computing technology is a computer database system and service and the internet in which various important data of a computer system are stored such as networks, software, databases, servers, tools, applications, and so on.  

Cloud Computing technology is equipped with a high-level security system that makes it very difficult to be penetrated by cyber attacks.

6. Web security technology

Today’s digital world makes various groups really need a website for various business needs and organizations. In fact, today’s business world makes online websites the main means of introducing company profiles and also the various products they have.

To prevent cyber attacks on all these websites, various Web security technologies have been born to prevent the occurrence of various types and types of cyber attacks.

7. Application Security Technology

One form of digital technology that is widely used today is a digital application for various needs used on various devices such as Android, PC, and others. Of all existing digital applications, Android applications are the most widely used and fastest growing type of application.

Application Security technology to prevent cyber attacks is one type of digital application that is sought after by users of various operating systems such as android, iphone, PC, and so on.

8. IDS (Intrusion Detection System) Technology

IDS (Intrusion Detection System) is an automatic computer program that works to automatically detect and act automatically on an action that occurs on the system. This technology is known to be very effective in preventing cyber attacks on various computer network systems.

9. IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) Technology

This technology works by rejecting suspicious activities outside the programs on the system. This technology is also very effective in preventing various cyber attacks, but it needs to be updated manually to be able to detect the latest forms of cyber attacks.

10. DLP (Data loss prevention) technology

This technology is used to prevent the loss of important data due to damage to a device such as smartphones, laptops, and PCs. This technology works by creating automatic data backups that make it easier for users to re-access important data using other devices.

11. Data encryption technology

This technology is widely used to secure online data on various social media such as whatsappand others. This technology is also very effective in preventing online cyber attacks.

12. Technology Firewalls

This technology works by reacting to various flows in and out of internet network connections on an internet system. When finding suspicious activity, firewalls will automatically block the source of the activity from entering the network system and also the user’s computer system.*

Cybersecurity Trends 2023

Entering 2023, the use of the internet continues to expand and covers various aspects of human life. This makes the field that could be the target of cyber attacks very broad. Here are the Cybersecurity Trends 2023 you need to know:

1) Remote Workforce Technology Security;

2) Social Engineering and Phishing;

3) Security from Ransomware;

4) Cloud Security Technology;

5) IoT technology or Internet Of Things Security;

6) Quantum Computing Technology;

7) IAM or Identity And Access Management;

8) Supply Chain Security Technology;

9) Cyber Espionage;

10) CPS or Cyber-Physical Systems Security;

How Do We Prevent Cyber Attacks

Here are some ways you can do to prevent cyber attacks on your various digital assets, namely:

1. Perform Periodic OS Updates

Whatever device you use, make sure that you always update the operating system regularly, be ita smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet of various OS. Also make sure that all security features on your OS are active and working properly.

2. Avoid Using Easy Passwords

If you have multiple digital accounts, make sure that you secure them with hard-to-guess and strong passwords.

3. Never Click on Unknown Foreign Links

Avoid clicking on unknown links that come in emails, whatsaap messages, SMS, etc. Also be careful of Phishing Emails and SPAM.

4. Periodic Data Backup

Make sure that all your important data has backups.

5. Make Sure that Your Home and Office Wi-Fi is Secure

Wi-Fi internet network is a type of internet network service with security that is very vulnerable to cyber attacks.

6. Avoid Apps or Software From Unknown Sources

Files downloaded from unknown sources are one of the most potential ways cyberattacks occur.

7. Use Various Online Security Software and Applications

You can use premium VPN apps, premium antivirus, and more.

8. Understand Your Family About the Dangers of Cyber Attacks

Make sure that all family members who engage in online activities are aware of cyber attacks.

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New Technology To Prevent Cyber Attacks mentioned above are various types of technology that you can choose and use to avoid cyber attacks on various digital assets and data that you have. Make sure that you choose the technology that suits your needs.

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